17 Blogging Mistakes You Want To Avoid

One of the most important things you can do as a blogger is to learn from your mistakes. Here I present you the most common beginner blogging mistakes that you should avoid and also how to fix them right away.

common blogging mistakes and how to fix them

Learning how to blog is also learning how to do a dozen different things, such as creating content, promoting your posts, image editing, tasks scheduling, and more.

It can be a little intimidating to think about all the different things to do you have in front of you.

Remember that there is a learning curve in everything you try in life. It is perfectly normal to make some mistakes while learning how to blog.

Here is a complete list of all the common mistakes beginners make when starting to blog.

1- Stressing Over A Theme

You won’t believe how many bloggers pick a great domain name, get an excellent hosting service, and install WordPress by themselves only to get stuck trying to get the right theme for their blog.

All their progress and future success stuck because they can’t find the perfect design or because they can’t customize it to make it look like they want.

I’m going, to be honest with you. Having a professional and efficient theme is indeed really important for a successful blog.

However, it is not something critical at the time you start your blog.

You should be focusing your efforts on writing fantastic blog posts and let everyone know that your blog is live.

How to Fix

guide to pick a great wordpress theme

There are plenty of elegant and easy-to-customize themes around the web.

At most, you should spend a day considering different designs and picking the one you like the best.

Keep in mind that you can always switch themes as you grow your blog.

You’ll feel more in touch with your audience and pick a suitable theme that everyone will enjoy.

2- Not Taking Action Right Now

Probably you already can imagine your life being a successful blogger, sharing your passion with the world and even making money from home and being your own boss.

Many beginners realize that there is a lot of information to learn and start doing research.

The problem is that they never stop and forget about putting that new information into action.

Your blog will never grow into an online business if you never launched it in the first place.

How to Fix

Keep in mind that it is OK to make mistakes while learning how to blog. If you don’t get it right on the first try, there is always a way to fix it.

Pick one easy-to-follow guide on blogging and start working right away.

Divide the time of your day to learn more about blogging from the time for taking action.

Remember that a thousand-mile journey begins with one single step.

3- Not Legally Protecting Your Blog

New bloggers are so busy setting up WordPress, writing new blog posts, learning email marketing, growing their social media accounts, etc., that they forget about the legal side of blogging.

Does the words “Privacy Policy,” “Terms & Conditions,” and “Legal Disclaimer” sound familiar to you? 

It is crucial that you have them all set up on your website to protect you and your blog from legal responsibility.

How to Fixlearn how to blog legally

I recently found this Complete Legal Bundle, which was created by Amira Law, a lawyer/blogger, to be the perfect solution.

She offers these three customizable pages that you can set up in only a couple of minutes.

There are free templates you can download online, but the truth is that they do not have the complete information you need, so they don’t actually protect you.

And hiring a lawyer specifically to create these pages for you could elevate the cost to thousands of dollars.

4- Ignoring Grammar and Punctuation

You do not have to be a professional writer to write a blog.

In fact, nobody is expecting that from you, your readers want to hear experiences and advice from a real person.

It is perfectly normal to make a mistake here and there while writing a blog post.

But when suddenly there is a spelling or grammar mistake in every other paragraph then we have a problem.

Your readers will not take you seriously or even consider you a reliable source of information.

How to Fix

how to fix your grammar

Nowadays, it is super simple to get your grammar and spelling right.

I tell everyone who wants to start a new blog to install Grammarly before writing their first blog post.

It is a browser extension that checks your grammar, spelling, and punctuation in real-time.

You will be able to write naturally in any online platform you decide to use.

5- You Are Not Promoting Your Content

It is true that once your blog becomes big enough, your visitors and other websites will share your content almost every day.

Until you reach that point, you need to do it by yourself. Sharing your content in social networks is essential to growing your audience.

It won’t matter if you have the best content in the world if nobody is there to see it.

How to Fix

schedule your content sharing

Schedule at least ten minutes of your day to share your content in your favorite social network.

You do not have to be an expert on managing social media. Share your posts in groups related to your topic, and you will see your visitors growing every day.

Productivity hack: Use social media schedulers like Tailwind to share your posts automatically in Pinterest and Instagram.

As days go by, you will have a better understanding of how to create shareable content for social media.

6- Not Tracking Your Expenses

You need to be smart with money management on blogging.

If you intend to use premium software, it is easy to lost track of what you are investing in your blog.

That will create serious problems at the time you start generating an income.

Because you will not know how to make the best decision to increase your earnings.

When I started, I was also afraid of the accounting side of blogging but after a while it just becomes natural.

How to Fix

Keep track of all your earnings and your expenses in an organized and systematic way.

A notebook is not the best solution to analyze data and hiring an accountant may be expensive if you are just starting out.

You need some middle ground here. Use an accounting app that takes care of everything.

All you need to do is to enter the data and the app will generate all the reports and tables you need automatically.

You will save a lot of time and a lot of money in the long run.

7- You Are Not Listening To Your Audience

A mistake that even professional bloggers make sometimes is not paying attention to what their audience is asking. It is easy to create a content schedule every month and just stick to it.

Nothing is going to help you grow like listening to your readers.

Your visitors are less likely to leave comments or feedback in your blog if they notice you never respond.

How to Fix

headphones message listen audience

Take time to read the comments, questions, and opinions your visitors have. It can become the best source of new content ideas you can have.

Always be willing to help them and give the best advice you can to them. This will create significant value for you as a blogger.

8- Drifting Away From Your Main Topic

Once you get the grip of how to start blogging, it is easy to get started and forget about the main course of your blog.

When you have an established audience, you might want to share some of the stuff you like with them even if it is not related to your blog.

You need to remember that the audience following you is there for the content of your blog. Your readers may begin to go away if you start sharing things that are not appealing to them.

How to Fix

Don't Lose Focus

Here are two things you can do to avoid making this mistake:

  1. Write down a quick sketch of your post idea. Then publish it only if it has any kind of relationship with the main topic of your blog.
  2. Create a secondary personal blog. You can use your own name as your domain name and use it to publish any off-topic ideas.

The only “good thing” about this blogger mistake is that it usually happens when you’ve already fallen in love with blogging.

9- Not Considering Trends

Trends have a considerable impact on how a blog grows over the year.

For example, if you have a blog on bathing suits, it is most likely that you will receive more traffic during summer and way fewer visitors during winter.

Not taking seasons and timing into consideration might make you lose significant opportunities for your blog.

How to Fix

trending picture pay attention

Identify the most relevant seasons for your blog. Also, pay attention when news related to your topic suddenly come up.

Prepare yourself put in some extra work during busy seasons. Create more content and interact more with your readers.

Also, consider the non-relevant seasons and do not get scared if you see a drop on your visitor’s numbers.

10- You Are Not Consistent Publishing Content

Not organizing yourself and creating a content schedule might lead to inconsistent publishing. Your readers won’t know when to expect new content.

That might stop them from going back to your site looking for updates.

New bloggers tend to try making each post just perfect. This usually leads to weeks between each of their blog posts.

How to Fix

calendar for content


Make blogging a habit for you. Pick the days of the week and the hours of the day you will dedicate to your blog.

Write down all the ideas that come up to your mind. You will find a more natural way to decide what to write about if you do this.

Quality is critical when writing your blog posts. However, you should not be too hard on yourself when you are just starting out.

It is a good idea to try a few different writing styles at first to see which one performs the best.

11- Not Connecting With Other Bloggers

It is exhausting trying to learn something new by yourself. There is just way too much information out there, and that can be overwhelming.

Beginners who find a lot of difficulties along their way usually get demotivated faster.

You might also waste a lot of time looking for a way to fix a simple problem.

How to Fix

group bloggers working together

By being in contact with other bloggers, you get a ton of great benefits:

  • You can encourage each other to achieve your goals.
  • It is easier to ask for advice if you feel stuck with your blog.
  • You get to talk about your problems with someone who understands what you are going through.

Search blogging groups in social networks. Interact with the community, and you will find new bloggers just like you.

You all will grow faster by helping each other out. Doing collaborations is a great way to gain new visitors on both sides.

12- You Are Not Including Pictures In Your Posts

It is easy to focus only on the writing part of publishing a blog post. But nobody wants to look to a wall of text unless you are studying for a test.

This can be stressful for the eyes and might turn your visitors away from your site.

Thanks to WordPress, it has never been easier to add pictures or even video to your blog posts.

How to Fix

a lot of boring text is mistake

Always add pictures to your blog posts. Make it a part of your blog writing habits, so you do not forget it.

Do not pick just any picture you find around the internet. It has to be appealing to your readers and related to your blog posts.

Video is even better to attract attention to your blog posts. You can add one from YouTube or also make your own videos.

13- You Are Not Learning New Skills

Once you already got all the basics of blogging, it is simple to just keep doing the same things over and over again.

You will indeed keep getting visitors. As long as you are constant with your content updates.

But you would be preventing your blog from reaching its full potential.

How to Fix

person learning new things

Make a list of all the skills you would like to learn and would be useful for your blog.

Such as video editing, image editing, SEO, social media marketing, copywriting, processing payments, website security, etc.

Each one of these skills is not essential to start blogging. Even prominent bloggers can’t do all of them, and they choose to hire someone else to do the work for them.

Learning at least the basics of each skill will give you a better angle on how to improve your blog.

14- Installing Many Unnecessary Plugins

Plugins are a significant part of WordPress blogging. They are super easy to install and activate.

The problem that new bloggers make is that they go ahead and install every popular plugin they hear about.

Having a lot of active WordPress plugins make your blog really slow, and they can interfere with each other.

It is a good idea to monitor your plugins at least once a month and see if there is any you can get rid of.

How to Fix

wordpress plugin code extra

Pick only one plugin for each purpose. One for contact forms, one for SEO, one for tracking visitors, and so on.

When you hear about a new plugin, go and take a look at the reviews before installing it.

Every time you replace an old plugin, make sure to deactivate and uninstall the old one before you forget.

Even plugins recommended by the top bloggers on the Internet might not be the best for your blog. Try them out for a couple of days and then make a choice whether they work for you or not.

15- You Are Surrounded By Distractions

Your phone notifications, browser tabs with social media open, the TV on in your room, standing up every five minutes to get something from other places. These are all distractions that affect the progress of your new blog.

Having a lot of interferences around take time away from what you are doing. Interruptions also cause you to make mistakes that affect your blog.It

It might take longer for your blog to succeed if you are not focusing on your tasks.

How to Fix

messy desk distractions

Here are some tips that will help you optimize the way you blog:

  • Set a designated space and schedule for your blogging.
  • Make sure you have a notepad with you and a glass of water before you start.
  • Put your phone in silent mode and stay away from checking social media while you blog.

You will see your productivity increasing real quick. It really makes a big difference in how much you can achieve each day.

16- You Are Not Taking Notes

Sure, you have all the information you need on the Internet. It is way easier to just bookmark the pages you’ll need later.

The problem is the time you waste when looking for that specific piece of information.

Reading a whole article to find just one paragraph or watching a 10-minute video because you need 10-second advice.

This becomes even worse if you do not have your bookmarks and reference links organized.

How to Fix

desk taking notes

Write down every critical advice you hear or read at the moment.

You can carry a blogging notepad with you or just take a note with your phone. Having all the information you need in one place is going to help a lot.

Review your notes at the end of the week and think which ones you can implement in the next following days.

17- You Are Not Setting Goals

It is hard to know if your blog is moving in the right direction if you don’t even know where it is going.

New bloggers get frustrated and even give up when they don’t see any progress from their blogs.

You will never see the growth you want if you do not focus your efforts on what is essential for you.

When each one of your actions has a purpose, you will see how every day you are creating a successful blog.

How to Fix

inspiring person climb mountain goal reached

Decide what you want to achieve with your blog and set goals according to that.

Your first goal might be to launch your blog and have it online. 

After that, you can set goals for creating content, to promote it, and even to make money from it.

The growth of your blog will become more apparent if your actions are based on your goals.


It is essential to know about common mistakes in any discipline you want to learn so you can easily avoid them.

Okay so here is the compacted list of the most common blogging mistakes:

  1. Stressing over a theme.
  2. Not starting right now
  3. Not protecting your blog legally
  4. Ignoring grammar and punctuation
  5. Not promoting your content.
  6. Trying to be everywhere.
  7. Not listening to your audience.
  8. Drifting away from your main topic.
  9. Not considering trends.
  10. Being inconsistent with posting new content.
  11. Not connecting with other bloggers.
  12. Posting with no pictures or video.
  13. Not learning new skills.
  14. Installing many unnecessary plugins.
  15. Being surrounded by distractions.
  16. Not taking notes.
  17. Not setting goals.

Do not worry if you find yourself making any of these blogging mistakes. I already told you a simple way to overcome each one of them.

Even experienced bloggers can fall into any of these at any time. It is not the end of the world as you can always learn from your errors and grow.

As you keep learning, you will become a better blogger each day. This will take you closer to achieve your dreams.

Remember to leave a comment if you find these tips useful and also share with us another severe mistake you have done as a blogger.

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